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Attic conversions Sydney

Attic and Roof Conversions

If you work from home, or run your business from your place or you telecommute, for all this and more, you require more workspace to keep your paperwork and files. Therefore, it is good to go in for an attic conversion.

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Attic room conversions Sydney

Home alteration Sydney

We at Attic and Room are an experienced Australian company based out of Sydney. We are primarily into supplying Australian and international model attic ladders for domestic and commercial usage.

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Attic & roof conversions Sydney

Granny Flats

Granny flats are essentially a self-contained, self-sufficient addition of the main house that is housed alongside or in the rear within the same plot area. The flats are about 60 sq. metres in area and come with a living room...

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Attic and roof conversions

Home Extensions

Home Extensions or Home Additions is expanding the present home space by choosing to add a room or rooms. It also implies adding a new level to your existing house. This differs from a home renovation as in...

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Welcome to Attic and Room Conversions Pty Ltd!

attic storage conversions

We at Attic and Room are an experienced Australian company based out of Sydney. We are primarily into supplying Australian and international model attic ladders for domestic and commercial usage. Additionally, we are attic and storage conversions specialists and will help you build attic rooms or engage in attic conversions and storage conversions.

With our value-add services and experiences, our staffers will help transform your existing roof or attic space into a beautiful living or storage space.

Affordability quotient, great quality workmanship, creative and tasteful designs, specialist staffers and our combined years of experience makes us noticeable as the Attic and Storage specialists in the area.

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1. Attic and Roof Conversions

1a. Why do you think people consider Attic and Roof or Storage Conversions?

  • If you WFH, run a home-business, telecommute, you require workspace to keep paperwork. Therefore, it is good to go in for an attic conversion.
  • Your growing children and the things in the house too are increasing. Your living space gets cluttered, you need more room, home alteration, more space, or you want space to store your things, or you want space for your teenager or older child. Whatever be it, at the end of the day, you just need more room. What best but storage conversion or attic and roof conversions?
  • Growing children, require separate study areas. Or you could think of a new guest bedroom, sometimes, your older kids tend to bring in friends over for sleepovers. The possibilities are limitless, but for all this and more to create more room within your existing house, an attic storage or attic and roof conversions Sydney could be thought of.

1b. Advantages of going in for attic, roof and storage conversions:

  • Attic conversion, storage conversion, roof conversions costs lesser than full-scale ground floor extension. Therefore, it costs lesser than home extensions or home additions.
  • With attic storage conversions Sydney, there is lesser hassle than mainstream construction, and building permissions for attic or storage conversion are easy to get and building blueprint drawings aren’t necessary.
  • There is potential for increase in living space. With space saving we are optimizing and creating more space with attic and roof conversions.
  • If you just need more space to live, store things, then consider attic storage.
  • By creating more space with attic and roof conversions in your home, the market value of your property enhances as the house area increases and it is definitely an added attractive feature, when you plan on selling the house.
  • Attic conversions are cost-effective. It is definitely affordable attic storage conversions Sydney.
  • When going in for Roof conversions Sydney, there is always minimum disturbance when work goes on. A good Loft and Room, specialist will complete the job in a short time. Also whatever be the weather condition outside, your storage conversions work is never hampered especially when it is undertaken by Affordable attic storage conversions Sydney specialists of the Attic and Room Company.
  • Storage conversions create storage spaces where you can stock not so frequently used, seasonal things and items like festive decorations, camping stuff etc. Old memorabilia, kids’ stuff, photos and heavy boxes can also be locked and stored away.
  • If you have a space in your attic after an attic and roof conversions or storage conversion, many a time, it offers the best view which is a big plus.

For Affordable attic storage conversions Sydney, attic & roof conversions Sydney, attic storage conversions Sydney with BCA clearance, contact us; we are Attic and Room specialists in Sydney!

2. Attic and Room Conversions

An attic conversion is a method of altering or converting a bare attic room into a livable room or storage area. When we talk about the usage of additional space in your attic, you can create an additional guest room, bedroom, office or study room. Conversions, attic & room conversions are cheap, affordable and cost-effective and are good as part of a home makeover or property improvement plan. Therefore, attic & room conversions are definitely beneficial!

2a. Benefits of Attic room Conversions Sydney includes:

  • More space is a value-add and it increases property value
  • When engaging in renovation or conversions, you can reside in there as attic and conversions work would not disrupt your routines
  • Attic & room conversions Sydney is cheaper than investing in a new home
  • With more space after quality loft room conversions Sydney, there is better harmony and a nicer sense of well-being
  • Attic & room conversions Sydney increases property value by at least 20% and that is why people are opting for room conversions Sydney.
  • It is said that about 30% of your home’s latent area is in the attic area.

2b. What are the steps to Attic and Room Conversions?

  • Before undertaking room conversions Sydney, attic conversions Sydney, an attic inspection to check conversions possibility, total area, and room to convert into a functional space. Council requisites are a 2.2 metre head space, a 2 metre clearance above from the access staircase, and attic room has to be at least 60% of the total area.
  • Roof is inspected to check if there are any stains, leaks. If there is, the roof should be repaired along with the attic and room conversion work.
  • Building control regulations clearance is required if attic space is converted and we engage in Loft & room conversions by converting it into a living space and so we need permissions from the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

2c. Types of attics and room conversions

  • A basic attic, storage space, with a ladder, steps to access the attic
  • Attic room conversions in the existing roof space
  • Attic conversions Sydney with an extension from roof’s surface
  • Room conversions Sydney with flat roof extension to the back of the residence
  • Quality attic room conversions Sydney to both front and back of the property

2d. With Attic and room conversions the space can be used as:

  • A guest room
  • A bedroom
  • A study
  • An office space
  • Home theatre
  • Music room
  • A room to relax
  • Children’s play area
  • Recreational room
  • Sewing room
  • A space to exercise or meditate

We are affordable quality attic room conversions Sydney specialists known for our professionalism. To know more, call us!