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Affordable First Floor Additions Sydney

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Affordable Home Extensions & Additions Sydney

Our service includes Affordable Home Extensions & Additions, Home Renovation and First Floor Additions in Sydney. We are the Sydney based Company, offering affordable loft conversion solutions which will maximize your investment.

Affordable First floor Additions Sydney

1. What is Home Extension?

Home Extensions or Home Additions is expanding the present home space by choosing to add a room or rooms. It also implies adding a new level to your existing house. This differs from a home renovation as in, when renovating we are just revamping the existing rooms within the house. But with Home Extensions and Additions, we are creating additional living area.

1a. Advantages of Home extensions and additions:

Affordable Home Extensions & Additions Sydney

1b. Typically what does a Home extension entail?

Affordable First Floor Additions Sydney

When undertaking affordable home extensions & additions Sydney, it involves inspection of your residence, consultation, meeting, finalizing quote, budget limitations, and thorough preparation, designing, building permissions and managing work from start to finish by an experienced builder like us, the affordable home extensions & additions specialists in Sydney.

If seeking a cost-effective home extension & additions Sydney solutions or if it is affordability, then affordable home extensions & additions Sydney can be found with home extensions and additions specialists in Sydney. Even if you want to go in for tailored, modified, additions and extensions that you like to have in your house, we are your best answer. Our years of experience, coupled with our experienced employees, planning, design and our satisfied clientele are testimonial to the fact.

If you reside in Sydney, call us, write to us and we can do affordable home extensions & additions Sydney.

2. Affordable First floor Additions Sydney

2a. First floor Additions- Benefits and costs involved:

Affordable First Floor Additions Sydney Affordable Home Extensions & Additions Sydney

When it comes to planning and designing a first floor addition, home extension or renovating a terrace or your home in Sydney, who best to reach out to than Attic and Room? We are specialists with many years of niche experience in catering to this kind of specific job.

We will offer complete support in design, planning, structural design, interiors and managing the project at affordable and economical costs. But even with all this, there is no compromise whatsoever in our services or the materials we use, if you are looking for a package deal with all this and more, then we are your affordable first floor additions Sydney specialists.

If you want to know our quotes or about our affordable first floor additions Sydney projects or if you want to know of our home extensions and additions, call us now for a free inspection and our quote.

Granny Flats

Granny flats are essentially a self-contained, self-sufficient addition of the main house that is housed alongside or in the rear within the same plot area. The flats are about 60 sq. metres in area and come with a living room, a bedroom with a bathroom, kitchen and laundry area. Granny flats are perfect to house extended family or older parents.

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